About Coach Flamini

Welcome to my online space!

 I trust that you being here is no coincidence. I look forward to empowering you in some way!

I am a Trauma Coach and I have been coaching for 4 years in this Holistic Health space, specializing in the Gut Mind Connection and Nervous System. 

I help survivors naturally release stored trauma in the body so you can rebuild a sense of who you are.

I'm a native Jersey girl, but currently residing in Jacksonville, Florida. If you'd like to hear the interesting story about my move, read my blog New State, Same dreams. 

I am the first born American child in my family. My bloodline is made up of Uruguay, Italy, and Spain.

I am fluent in Spanish and love to empower my Latino community!

I'm a strange mix of introvert and extrovert because I'm extremely outgoing, yet I enjoy my solo time. I'm an empath and totally OK with it. It definitely feels refreshing to take a break from absorbing everyone else's feelings and energy. 

I do not like small talk. I will turn your "nice weather huh?" into a discussion about global warming, conspiracies, and the Book of Revelation. 

I'm cheerful, goofy, and sometimes awkward, which are all my superpowers. I bring my personality into coaching because to be honest, none of this is real. Ifkyk. I see the gym as a jungle gym, I make it a fun atmosphere, and I love to help others see their health journey that way. 

My dream is to live in a mobile home with my significant other and my two kids (my 2 cats, Mr. Pochi and Ms. Michi) somewhere in the countryside, away from the city. I've been a city girl my entire life, so I crave to know what that's like and I desire being connected to nature.

I do not live at the gym like some people think I do. I have many hobbies and I make sure I have fun! I got my first snowboard at the age of 14. I still suck and can't do any fun tricks, but man I love heading to the mountains with friends and family, sitting on the chairlift as the snow smacks me in the face, watching people fall or do dope tricks on my way up, then riding down as I listen to Can't Stop Red Hot Chili Peppers. 

I enjoy writing, in fact, English might be the only class I was great at and interested in. I'm currently working on writing a book about my life and overcoming adversities. 

I remember wanting to get into journalism, but God knew the plans He had for me... writing content, wohoo! Sometimes I miss the days where my post captions were just some corny lyrics from a song. Now I do research and write essays for content that I get no grade on. Go figure!

I might look a little stiff, but I promise my roots come out when I dance! No joke, I have videos of when I was 2 years old dancing on family tables and getting dollars thrown at me. I wish I knew pole dancers didn't need websites or written content. 

Anyways, salsa, bachata, merengue, cumbia, candombe, Jersey club, I got you with it. 

I'm an excellent cook and I can talk about food all day long. Some traditional favorites that I whip up are Chivito Uruguayo, Milanesa, Torta Fritas, and Lasagna! Before my coaching career, I was a waitress for 8+ years, so my hospitality service is on point! I love creating meals with others and bonding over a delicious cuisine. 

If you're wondering, I am #AntiDiet, which might be strange for a health professional to say. If you want to hear my perspective on this topic, read my blog "The Best Diet", said No One Ever.

In that blog you'll know why you'll never hear me speak about these 2 topics...

1. Toxic language about food, such as labeling foods, restricting, counting, shaming.

2. Weight, Scale, Measurements, Before/After pictures. 

I am a believer of the Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, and I wouldn't be sitting here writing this if it weren't for my mustard seed of faith. My business is faith based and completely inspired by the living Word of God. My spirituality is a huge component of who I am. Want to hear about my Spiritual story? Read 3 Strikes, I'm Not Out.

I try to always speak highly of myself because I was perfectly made by the perfect Master Himself. All the gifts we acquire are personalized for our special purpose and calling. I am not like you, and you are not like me, but how beautiful is it to celebrate each other and honor our differences?

So why Trauma Informed Fitness? Well - I have a story just like you may have. As a Trauma-Informed Professional, I assume that an individual is more likely than not to have a history of trauma. My passion in this field truly stemmed from my own chronic stress, rage, perfectionism, dissociation, procrastination, and lack of fulfillment. As a survivor of Childhood Sexual Assault and Domestic Violence. 

My mission is to help you understand your biochemistry and how your Gut Microbiome and unresolved trauma - whether "big", "small", conscious, or subconscious may be causing mind, body, and spirit misalignment. 

Along the way, I mentor other Health Coaches and Professionals on the importance of using a Trauma-Informed lens and how to implement a Gut Brain focused approach in their business for a larger impact and income. 

I'm privileged to be one of the ground floor partners with the First Holistic Mental Wellness Company and offer the best Gut focused programs and products for Mental Health. As an independent wellness partner I offer the first award winning Gut Brain Axis Protocol for complete Gut and Brain benefits, the first Quadbiotic for Hormonal Signaling Balance, Happy Juice (my personal favorite) for Mental Energy, Motivation, and Metabolism), and a lot more Gut Brain focused approaches. Interested in hearing more about how I got started? Read Elevated Mental Wellness.

Once you're done reading this introduction, take this brief Health Assessment that will give you great insight on your current health state. You'll receive a confidential score, followed by an email filled with helpful recommendations. If you wish, you can also set up a free connection call with me to be guided on creating a personalized regimen that fits your lifestyle and your budget! 

I'd love to get to know each other and work together. Enjoy exploring the rest of my website, I put a lot of love into it to empower you. Please make sure to subscribe below so that you can also enjoy weekly newsletters filled with incredible tools, tips, and promotions for future events and products! 


Coach Flamini